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- Available: Yessir
- Age: Sixty...teen.
- Annoyance: People
- Allergic: Dust and schtuff
- Actor(s): Nuuu

- Beer: Ewww
- Birthday/Birthplace: February/uhhhh
- Best Friends: Krisi.
- Body Part on opposite sex: Hmm. Idk face?
- Best feeling(s): Accomplishment.. WOO
- Blind or Deaf: Deaf... the world is too pretty
- Best weather: Springtime!
- Been in Love: Mmmno. Overreactionyus.
- Been bitched out?: Yerrp. Hasn't everyone atleast once?
- Been on stage?: Small audience
- Believe in yourself?: Sometimes
- Believe in life on other planets: Universe is so would be crazy if we were the only life in it.
- Believe in miracles: Anything can happen~
- Believe in God: Something made alllll dis
- Believe in Satan: If you count the evils of humanity
- Believe in Santa: Never did yo
- Believe in Ghosts/Spirits: Nawt really
- Believe in Evolution: Yerp

- Car: If it works
- Candy: ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY except licorice.
- Color: Aqua blue
- Cried in school: Yes >//>
- Chocolate/ vanilla: It depends...
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese -nods-
- Cake or pie: Cake. anytime.
- Countries to visit: I wanna go everywheree
- Day or Night: Night. So peaceful
- Dream vehicle: An air balloon
- Danced: NO gawshh
- Dance in the rain?: yerp
- Dance in the middle of the street?: yarp
- Do the splits?: .......IM NOT FLEXIBLE :c

- Eggs: Scrammbled <3
- Eyes: Brown.
- Everyone has: ponies
- Ever failed a class?: Nupe

- First crush: Not fo sho... I was so wittle
- Food: seaafoood num num
- Full name: Loli Winston. durhur
- First thoughts waking up: Fuckkkkkkkkk. Just five more minutes.

- Greatest Fear: Myself
- Giver or taker: I try to be a giver...but I take.
- Goals: Just to get a good job and experience life
- Gum: minty
- Get along with your parents?: helllllll nah
- Good luck charms: Random trinkets that i tend to lose over time :c

- Hair Color: Burrown with a slight reddish tint
- Height: 5'4" brah
- Happy: I try
- Holidays: Used to be Easter . .
- How do you want to die: Peacefully
- Health freak?: Ehhhh nuu.

(in guys/girls)
- Eye color: Dark brown
- Hair Color: Darkkkk brown
- Height: idk taller?
- Clothing Style: Casual....haha.
- Instrument: uhh whut. PENCIL

- Jewelry:  Yus. Addicted to random shiny.
- Job: Booooooo. Psychology perhap..

- Kids: maybe
- Kickboxing or karate: Karateeee
- Keep a journal?: Random notes

- Longest Car Ride: uhhh like 12 hours
- Love: Yus?
- Letter: Q
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yushhhhhh <3
- Love at first sight: When i was looking at that cow like you and me are doing right now

- Milk flavor: Strawberry mmmmm
- Movie: Mirrormask, Pan's labyrinth, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, 500 Days of Summer, Kung Fu Hustle, Moulin Rouge... SO MANY ahhhhhh
- Mooned anyone?: Nuuuu > <
- Marriage: Errrrr. maybe
- Motion sickness?: Nupe
- McD's or BK: Neither plzandthnkyou

- Number of Siblings: two
- Number of Piercings: zip zero
- Number: 34!

- Overused Phrases: ikr
- One wish: I WANNA RIDE A DRAGON. > >
- One phobia: pediophobia lolz

- Place you'd like to live: Oregon
- Pepsi/Coke: If I had to pick. Pepsi

- Quail: Mail's hereee
- Questionnaires: Noneness
- Reason to cry: Uh, parentals.
- Reality T.V.: EW. EWWWW.
- Radio Station: Bloop.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Nuu :c

- Song: Ohdear. Constantly changing dawg
- Shoe size: 7 nd a half right hurrr
- Sushi: Gimmmme.
- Skipped school: Imma goody good
- Slept outside: Yus'ms
- Seen a dead body?: Nu D:
- Smoked?: a turkehhh
- Skinny dipped?: Nuuuupppe
- Shower daily?: I gotta, me hair gets greasy so fast.
- Sing well?: pshaaw in my head i sing wonderfully
- In the shower?: All da time
- Swear?: Only when it slips
- Stuffed Animals?: Mmmmyes. Syu cute > u>
- Single/Group dates: Nevar been on one Dx
- Scientists need to invent: FIREEEEEEE ...wai.

- Time for bed: liek 11.
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: I gotta hld me nose down :B

- Unpredictable?: Predictable
- Under the influence?: Get that influence awaaay
- Understanding?: Oyus o;

- Vegetable you hate: All of em dawg
- Vegetable you love: None of em dawg....lettuce....
- Vacation spot: mountainsss! and ...pretty places

- Weakness: Tickleness.
- When you grow up: I dont wanna...Wheres neverlanddd
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Uhhhhrm krisichuuu prolly
- Who makes you laugh the most: Meh sisterr
- Worst feeling: Ignored. bleh
- Wanted to be a model?: -gasp- they prolly cant even eat cookies !
- Where do we go when we die: Reincarnation yo! Actually idk. Ohwell.
- Worst weather: Dead of summah , dead of wintah
- Walk with a book on your head?: I DO THAT.
- X-Rays: yessh, mum freaked out.

-Year it is now: twenty eleven
-Yellow: Sunnnnn

- Zoo animal: Arctic fox (:
- Zodiac sign: Imma aquarius. YEAHUH.